Business History

Irmgard Maron at a holiday market circa 1945
Dresden Stollen Bakers started in the United States soon after Irmgard Maron arrived in 1938. For more than 50 years, she supplied happy customers with stollen. In 1992, the business was passed to the next generation and Sallie Maron. She ran the business for 8 years, bringing a new sense of commitment to the style, appearance, and quality of the stollen.

After implementing many improvements, Sallie decided it was time to pass the recipe and business on to her children. Dresden Stollen Bakers transitioned to its third generation of bakers in 2000. We've continued Irmgard and Sallie's commitment to the highest quality stollen and hope you enjoy yours.

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Irmgard Maron at a holiday market circa 1945
We have stollen loaves available in four sizes
Who are the Maron Family Bakers?
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